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"A writer has a choice. We could have driven taxis part-time and tried to write the Great Canadian Novel. But we chose the other route: we took whatever we could get, including ghost writing novels for some prominent Canadian writers, whose names we obviously can't divulge... we wrote book reviews, advertising, film scripts, educational material....anything to get our names in print." - Janet Rosenstock, from an interview with Ken Adachi for a feature article on the authors in the Toronto Star.

Janet and Dennis have credits in advertising, journalism, and both have been magazine editors. The authors have also written and published fiction and non fiction, worked on Canadian television projects, written educational materials, and been ghost writers and editorial re-write consultants.

In 1972 they began writing business book reviews for The Financial Post. In 1974, they did editorial assignments from the U.N. World Population Conference in Bucharest, Rumania for the same paper. In addition, they wrote numerous articles on population for specialized media, and put together a radio production from taped interviews with Margaret Meade, Maurice Strong, and Lord Caradon (Sir Hugh Foote) among others. From 1975 on, they wrote primarily on international development and produced written and audiovisual materials for NGO's and for The Canadian International Development Agency. As well, they designed a slide show and questionnaire and with the permission of the Ontario Government, interviewed many secondary school students. This resulted in a report on racial attitudes in schools for The Department of The Secretary of State, and the publication of a long article in Multi Culturalism, Bilingualism and Canadian Institutions published by The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. In 1979, they wrote, Why Should I Care? The Canadian UNICEF Committee and the Canadian Red Cross Society distributed it to schools nationwide, for the International Year of the Child.

In the mid-seventies, Janet and Dennis went to work for what became Resourcebook. They edited the yearly publication and produced specialized advertising (generally 15 page booklets on product history) for Kraft, The Sony Corporation, Colgate, Canada Dry, Bata, Crest, Dofasco, The Canadian Egg Marketing Agency, Firestone, Gillette, Kellogg's, among others, and for a variety of Federal Government Agencies.

Resourcebook led Imperial Oil to hire them to write the educational material for their anniversary television series, The Newcomers. Subsequently, McClelland and Stewart hired them to write the historic notes for the book, The Newcomers.... Inhabiting a New Land. During this time period, they also wrote for Canada and World, producing articles on population, development, international politics, and Canadian politics. In 1982 Free Lance Writing Associates was incorporated.

As a result of their work on The Newcomers, Dennis and Janet were approached by General Publishing to write the novelization of Riel, a television mini-series. Riel was their first book and it led them to many others.

In addition to their fiction, non fiction, editing, and re-writing, Dennis worked as Atlantic Canada Editor for Design Engineering. He has continued to write for a number of Roger's magazines including, CHEM, Machinery and Metal Working,Design Engineering, Welding and On-site Magazine.

In 1987, Dennis and Janet moved to Nova Scotia and returned to Ontario in 1998. They are both still writing and recently launched a new Ebook, a thriller entitled, The Key.